Friday, December 14, 2012

Married by Christmas - Pick of the Month Review

Married by Chrismas
by Scarlett Bailey
Genre: Romance

     Anna Carter is a serious control freak. She has lists of lists and is only happy when she is knee deep in color-coordinated post-it notes and highlighters. But it turns out that there is a deep seated reason for this compulsion to try to have a back up plan for every possible contingency that life can throw at her, until the unthinkable happens. A scenario that Anna could never have seen coming pops up less than two weeks before her fairy tale Christmas wedding that she has been planning since she was nine years old.

     Personally I found the incredibly needy, clingy and self-reproaching female character very tiring, at first. But as the story dove into her past and the motivations behind her obsessive tendencies, I really couldn't help but feel sympathy for her. With a very crappy childhood, she had hoped to ensure a bright future by carefully planning everything out, step by step.

     The story started off painfully slow, probably because I had found the main character annoying, but the plot picked up its pace and had a very cute and enjoyable ending. As with most romances it ends happily but not quite as one would expect. A fun read that was very festive for the holidays. I highly recommend it!

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