Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Victorian Christmas - Review

A Victorian Christmas (Anthology)
by Chatherine Palmer
Genres: Romance, Christian,
   Historical Romance

     A Collection of four novellas that take place during the Christmas season within Victorian times. While the stories were fairly enjoyable they are also chock full of biblical quotes and Christian rhetoric that dangerously borders towards preachy.

     Arranged marriages were common during Victorian times and it seemed strange to me the entire concept of marrying a complete stranger, so hard to imagine in modern times. Yet all of the couples miraculously find true love within the pre-arranged nuptuals. Maybe they knew what they were doing after all, but then again, it IS fiction.

     A nice collection of holiday romance to get one in a festive mood provided you don't mind the frequent appearance of bible verses and characters who are recent converts to the love of God that can't seem to stop themseles from spewing their testimonies of faith.

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