Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Rush - Saturday Short Review

Holiday Rush
by Lisa Scott
Genre: Romance

     On one hand, as a romance, this really wasn't very well developed. There is a physical attraction and *boom* they are kissing and dating and what not. I know, I know, I hate the whole "He loves me, he loves me not" scenario and I need to make up my mind right? While I do find that flip flopping back and forth annoying, I also realize that there needs to be some conflict to overcome to make a good romance. I just get tired of it always being the same conflict. This story, however, is not without merit.

     There is a wonderful subplot ... or maybe it is even the main plot since the romance plot is basically non-existant ... that really defines the meaning of the Christmas Spirit. It isn't about who got the best Black Friday deal or who gave the most expensive present - it is about making memories. Whether you are making your own family memories or helping someone else by giving them a little hope that there is Christmas magic and even when life gives you a bum steer there can still be joy and happiness in life.

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