Friday, December 7, 2012

My Only Wish - Pick of the Month

My Only Wish by Anna Robbins My Only Wish
by Anna Robbins
Genre: Romance

     Abby, deciding to be a little bit whimsical and maybe quite a bit desperate, writes a letter to Santa asking for someone to love and share her holiday with. She puts the letter into a bottle and throws into the ocean. It is later found by the multi-millionaire owner of a private investigation firm. Intrigued by her letter, Dylan tracks her down and arranges a seemingly chance meeting. He turns out to be everything that Abby had wished for.

     A little sappy, but also kind of cute and funny. One thing that was very refreshing was the lack of jealousy, it can really get annoying when the female character become petty and self-doubting just because the object of her interest dares to talk to another female.

     This was a decent, festive, short read that was a bit hard to put down once I got into it. Unfortunately it is no longer free though, but it is currently only 99¢ and available as a free loan to prime members.

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