Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trading Christmas / The Forgetful Bride - Review

Trading Christmas by Debbie Maconber Trading Christmas / The Forgetful Bride
by Debbie Macomber
Genre: Romance

     Trading Christmas is a cute story that reminds me of a movie that I can't quite recall the title of where a woman trades homes to stay in a charming cottage in the English countryside. Two strangers decide to trade homes for the holidays. Emily wants to surprise her Harvard student daughter and spend Christmas in Boston. Charles has a nearing deadline on a book that he is writing and wishes to escape his meddling mother, Christmas, and all the hoopla. What follows is a hilarious train wreck that teaches that surprises aren't always a good thing and have a tendency to back fire. The situations are comical as family and friends visit the houses to find someone that they were not expecting and do not know at all.

     In The Forgetful Bride, I was beginning to wonder if Cait really did suffer from a head injury as Joe kept claiming. I wasn't at all sure if maybe the whole story was some coma induced hallucination or that Cait still was the 8 year old in the prologue and dreaming about her future. I was looking for any reason to explain why Cait was as emotionally crippled as an 8 year old. Her unrequited obsession with her boss is just creepy and I half expected her to follow him home or build a shrine to him in her home. Not at all impressed with this story ... love Joe but he deserves better!

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