Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Skipping Christmas by John Grisham - Featured Review

Skipping Christmas by John Grisham Skipping Christmas
by John Grisham
Genre: Humor

     Nora and Luther Krank are facing the first Christmas without their daughter home for the holidays. Tired of the commercialism, crowds, and general moodiness associated with Christmas, Luthe comes up with a plan. Instead of spending a small fortune on the cards, baking, presents, and whatnot he spends the money on a Carribean cruise to relax in the heat instead of slushing through snow during the holiday season. The drawback is the fact that their flight doesn't leave until Christmas night so they still have to endure the expectations of the community.

     The Kranks live in a small tight knit neighborhood. Everyone's nose is stuck into everyone else's business. Nora bears the worst of the peer pressure from shop keepers and friends when it becomes general knowledge that they are skipping Christmas this year and not even hosting their annual Christmas Eve party. Skipping Christmas shows the best and the worst of small communities. While the neighbors are almost of nightmare quality when trying to convince Luther to decorate his house so their street can win the decorating contest for the 3rd year running, they also band together and rise above and beyond expectations when help is needed.

     This novel is the story that was adapted and retitled Christmas with the Kranks in 2004 starring Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. If you liked the movie, the book is better of course!

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