Thursday, December 27, 2012

Forever Christmas - Holiday Review

Forever Christmas
by Christine Lynxwiler
Genre: Romance

     Kristianna Harrington was unlucky at love. Engaged several times but never married, she was jokingly referred to as a runaway bride in the close knit community that she lived in. She was content to run her Christmas shop in Jungle Bells, Arkansas. With her best friend getting married and a large corporation petitioning to change the name of the entirely Christmas themed town, Kristianna has her hands full.

     A nice feel good holiday story from author Christine Lynxwiler. There is a morale to this story too, change is hard but sometimes it is necessary. Also, if you think about a challenge long and hard enough often a compromise can be found that is fair and benefits all parties involved. This was a well written romance and well worth the read.

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