Friday, December 21, 2012

The Cricket on the Hearth - Pick of the Month Review

The Cricket on the Hearth by Charles Dickens The Cricket on the Hearth
by Charles Dickens
Genres: Fiction, Classic

     While several different sources described this classic tale as a Christmas story, I don't see it. The story takes place in January and never mentions Christmas. It does however have several aspects that are similar to A Christmas Carol.

     Many people find Dickens hard to read, or his sometimes flowery prose difficult to grasp. Many might be alarmed with the fact that Dickens spends several pages describing a kettle whistling. While this could be found to be tedious and pointless, I found it quite enthralling. With such an explicit and complete description, he actually managed to give this inanimate object a personality, as only Dickens can.

     While I was disappointed that this had nothing to do with the holidays, it was still a nice fel good story. Not exactly a romance but plenty of love contained within the pages - not only from several couples but also a father's love for his daughter that can be greatly admired.

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