Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gingerbread Cookie Murder - Review

Gingerbread Cookie Murder
by Joanna Fluke
    Laura Levine
    Leslie Meier
Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Cookbook

     This is a collection of three fairly short stories, all somehow related to gingerbread. Laura from A Goddess of Frugality, had sent me this book several years ago for Christmas. Since I have read it fairly recently, I remembered enough of the plots that I can't really judge how easy it was to guess the solution to the crimes committed in each story.

     The characters were entertaining and not at all tiresome. Flawless editing made it a joy to read. While none of the stories were enchanting enough for me to email or text anyone telling them "OMG, you HAVE to read this!" it still makes for festive yuletide reading, especially for those who prefer mysteries to romances, as good suspenseful holiday fare is hard to find. Holiday romance seems to be plentiful - in books at any rate.

     In addition to good reading, one can also find holiday recipes contained in this book as well. Two of the stories include recipes for the different holiday treats mentioned within the plot. So if you enjoy experimenting with goodies as much as reading mysteries then this is the book for you!

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