Friday, December 28, 2012

The Night They Nicked St. Nick - Pick of the Month Review

The Night They Nicked St. Nick
by Carl Ashmore
Genre: Suspense

     Throw some logs on the fire, round up the kids, and read this out loud for the entire family will enjoy it.

     Santa has been kidnapped by a big wig toy manufacturer who has been on the naughty list his entire life. People will have to buy his over priced, cheaply made toys if Santa is no longer around to deliver his quality handmade elf masterpieces. That is his theory at any rate.

     I have read a lot of fun filled stories that put forth their creative minds behind how Santa and the elves accomplish some of their amazing and magical feats, and this book rises to the top as far as imaginative elf technology.

     Very enjoyable and highly recommended!

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