Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Marriage Carol - Saturday Short Review

A Marriage Carol
by Chris Fabry & Gary Chapman
Genre: Romance

     This book was incredibly surprising for a short story. Written by a marriage counselor, its main plot was to show Marlee that her marriage was worthy of saving. This point is brought home in the classic Dickensian style of using visions of the past, present, and possible future so that the soon to be divorced woman thinks twice about her future ex-husband and remembers when times were good and their lives were filled with laughter and passion.

     The authors use a wonderful analogy which I found myself quoting to my daughter just the day after reading it: choices are like snowflakes. Snowflakes build one on top of each other to form a drift. Depending on the position of each snowflake the drift would vary. Sometimes choice A may have been seemingly inconsequential in the story of your life, but you never would have made it to point B without it.

     Very deep philosophical theories for a short Christmas romance. Not exactly light hearted holiday fare but definitely a must read.

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