Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Gift - Feature Author Review

The Gift by Danielle Steel The Gift
by Danielle Steel
Genre: Romance

     One little error in judgement can change your life profoundly ... if you're female any how. This is another book where teenagers can't control their hormones, the girl ends up "in the family way" and the guy basically says "OK see ya, have a nice life." It ticks me off because it is very unfair, completely realistic, and maybe a little too close to home.

     Maribeth has a good head on her shoulders, according to her teachers at any rate. Her tyrranical father doesn't agree with her wanting to go to college. "You don't need an education to change a diaper," is his attitude, because in the 1950's that was the limit of women's aspirations - get married, have kids, end of story. But Maribeth wanted more out of life, much more.

     There is a serious philosophical undertone to this book. The theory that there is a purpose for everything is examined. The best friend you met in 9th grade but moved away in the 10th grade had some message for you to hear, or the young child who dies had a lesson for you to learn. Once their mission is accomplished they moved on to deliver their next message, etc.

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