Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Echoes - Featured Author Review

by Danielle Steel
Genres: Romance, History

     Whether it is my daughter saying "I love you mom" that echoes a distant memory of me saying it to my mother, or me telling my girls to eat their vegetables that echoes the same phrase my mother often repeated, many moments in life are not only echoes of the past but will be repeated and echoed in the future.

     This story covers the lives of three generations of strong women. Though each have very different lives and circumstances, they show strength and courage in their own ways as they reflect upon the echoes of their past as they encounter them. Beata is a young German woman who meets a handsome French officer while both families vacation in Switzerland during World War I. As if being on opposite sides of the war isn't enough conflict, that is not the issue that the two families find fault with. Beata is Jewish and Antoine is Catholic. They fall in love regardless of such differences and both families disown the young couple when they defy their parents and decide to marry.

     After the war, the couple return to Germany. When Hitler comes to power, Beatta is horrified and worries incessantly about her family ... both the family who shunned her, and her own daughters whom Nazis would consider half Jewish.

     This is a harrowing tale that echoes the history of war torn Europe, the atrocities that Hitler commited, and the fear and courage possessed by Jews and the brave heroes within the Resistance.

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