Sunday, November 18, 2012

When Darkness Falls - Part 2 - Serial Sunday Review

When Darkness Falls - Part 2
Sixth book in series
by James Grippando
Genres: Action adventure, mystery,
   thriller, suspense

     I'm a bit conflicted about this month's Serial Sunday selection. It has deinitely taught me to do a little more research before I begin to read. The other two series that I have in mind require me to borrow the first book of the series, so I jumped the gun and selected something off of my kindle.

     This book is actually the 6th book in a series. I really don't like reading a book in the middle of a series. This book does make perfect sense without knowledge of previous stories, don't get me wrong. The author has provided the details required from previous adventures to catch the reader up to speed. But that is kind of a drawback too. This is a good, free, introduction to new characters and an author whose writing I am enjoying. I wouldn't mind reading the entire series some day, except that I already have some sense of what is going to happen. That can really take the fun out of reading a suspenseful book.

     All in all, the characters are enjoyable, I have noticed that I have even "cast" some of them even. When I read a story that is well described I can see it in my mind's eye. Sometimes the characters are just bland faces but when characters are really well defined I notice that I'm seeing specific actors in my ind's eye as well. Such is the case with this book.

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