Sunday, November 11, 2012

When Darkness Falls - Serial Sunday Review

book cover art for When Darkness Falls by James Grippando When Darkness Falls
Sixth book in series
by James Grippando
Genres: Action adventure, mystery,
   thriller, suspense

     Another big oops on my part. It turns out that this is actually the sixth book in the Jack Swytek series that I had downloaded in three parts. These have been on my kindle for almost a year and I had erringly thought that it was a three book series when I had started to read them for this month's Serial Sunday selection. After some debate, I decided that since both Amazon and Goodreads list the three parts as individual books, I will review them as such.

     Vince Paulo is a good cop. After an injury in the line of duty has left him blind, he is reassigned as an instructor at the police academy. However, he is called in to work as a negotiator when a homeless man climbs a lightpole on a bridge and threatens to jump. Vince has history with the jumper. He has talked him out of jumping several times before. With further investigation, it is discovered that there is more to the homeless man's statements than just the ravings of a lunatic, there is actually a dark secret buried in the past.

     The story is action packed and moves along at a good clip. Intrigue and twisty plots keep the pages turning briskly. As this portion of the book is only the first one hundred pages or so there has been no conclusion as yet so it is kind of hard to judge the coherency of the plot as there are so many unknowns which will hopefully be explained at some point. There are a few editing errors, but not enough to be completely annoying.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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