Thursday, November 15, 2012

Easy Way to Earn Amazon Funds to Purchase Kindle Books!

     Those who visit my blog regularly know that I don't just post about this program or that program. I stick to my chosen topic of books and most posts relate somehow or other to a book I'm reviewing, featured author, or a topic or concept in a book that I've read. I cannot recall just how many times that I run across a Kindle book that I would like to buy only to find that I don't have enough left on my amazon gift card balance to purchase it. I'll admit that I'm cheap and it is so hard to justify using my credit card to purchase a book when there are just SO many free books out there to read on my Kindle, even if the book I want IS only 99¢. InstaGC makes for the perfect compromise. This internet program allows me to cash out for an amazon code as low as $1. There are assorted tasks available to do for funds but I prefer the easy ones like visiting sites or viewing videos. I can usually cash out for that book that I want to buy in under 2 hours. And the gift certificates ARE instant, no waiting days or weeks for the code to be emailed to you. If you are like me and would rather use amazon gift certificates to purchase Kindle books and save the wear and tear on your credit card, I suggest that you check out InstaGC today to get your free gift cards!

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