Monday, March 18, 2013

Laughter Really is the Best Medicine - Pick of the Month Review

book cover art for Laughter Really is the Best Medicine Laughter Really is the Best Medicine
by the editors of Reader's Digest
Genre: Humor

     From my earliest memories the Laughter is the Best Medicine feature has always been my favorite in the Reader's Digest. Even as a little girl before I had found any interest in the rest of the magazine, I can remember grabbing my great-grandmother's latest issue and reading this feature while visiting her.

     I notice that this is not titled The Best of... and rightly so. Some of the jokes contained within are a bit corny, others I had heard before, but there are a few gems included as well that made me chuckle out loud while reading.

     The nice thing about having this on my kindle is that I can open it between books and read just a few stories as time allows. Or even on those days when nothing seems to go right and I could use a little humor to my day, I can easily have a humorous story right at my finger tips to brighten up my day a little bit.

     I hope that you downloaded this when I first posted March's monthly picks as it is no longer free, but even at it's current price of $3.99* it is worth it.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

     *This was the current price on Amazon when I wrote this review, but as with all books on Amazon their prices fluctuate often so please double check the price before downloading the book.

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