Monday, March 4, 2013

March Monthly Picks

     March is the month of ... hmm, not much that I can relate to literature at any rate. St. Patrick's Day and Easter fall within this month, but those really aren't great holidays as far as book ideas go. So I'm just picking a hodgepodge of different books that look interesting.

book cover art for The Girl From Long Guyland by Lara Reznik
book cover art for Laughter Really is the Best Medicine
Book cover art for Promise by Kristie Cook
Paranormal Romance

     *These were free ebooks on Amazon when I wrote this post, but as with all books on Amazon their prices fluctuate often so please double check the price before downloading!

As A side note, while trolling through Amazon's Kindle store looking for this week's monthly picks, I happened to notice that The Phantom of Valletta was free. It is a fan-fiction sequel to The Phantom of the Opera that I reviewed back in January. Check out my review and see if it is a book you might enjoy. I know I did.

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