Friday, June 22, 2012

Beauty and the Beast - Review

Beauty and the Beast
by Jeanne Marie Le Prince De Beaumont

     Anyone who has, or has had, teenaged girls knows that they like to talk. Its impossible to get a word in with my daughter, or hear myself think. I can pretty much forget about reading when she is wound up. I had already been contemplating holding off on this week's scheduled pick of the month until September 11th. So as a compromise we read something together instead.

     My daughter chose this because it is a story that she is somewhat familiar with and because it was only 21 pages long. The Disney movie was fairly faithful to the overall plot, except for the animated household objects, but the Beast's castle is not without magic of its own.

     There are enough differences to keep children curious as to what might happen next. I suggest this as a wonderful story to read with children, even those with fairly short attention spans. The book is within the free domain and the Kindle version is free on Amazon.

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