Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday - From the Big Screen

     While most movies have obviously been books, these are the movies that I had enjoyed so much that I wanted to read the book.

I could fill up the entire list with all of the Harry Potter books so will just lump them all together as one. I had originally bought these books to try to entice my daughter to read. It worked :)

I will also list Star Wars series as one. For me personally Star Wars always has a hint of nostalgia as I can remember seeing the original movies in the theater as a child, as they were released.

My mother instilled in me the joy of classics, whether it be old books, old movies, or musicals. This is my all time favorite musical.

This book was actually kind of disappointing. Not that it wasn't as good as the movie but it didn't answer the questions that the movie had left me with. Also the movie was set in the beautiful Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, MI where the book was not.

While the whole series hasn't been made into movies, I did end up reading the entire series, and several others by V.C. Andrews.

There is so much more to the book. My entire family read this last summer and it was a great low-tech family activity.

These are a little mismatched, but it was after watching Jurassic Park that I had posed the question to my mother, "but what happens after they abandon the island?" She bought me The Lost World and I read it long before the sequel was released as a movie.

Great movie, even better book, and I have since read other books by Olivia Goldsmith as a result.

This movie is composed of a whole team of literary characters that I hope to read all of the books involved. So far I have read The Picture of Dorian Gray,Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and The Invisible Man. I still have a few more to read before I finish this goal.

Huge fan of John Grisham, and it all started here.

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