Friday, June 15, 2012

Sweet Song - Review

Sweet song
by Terry Persun
June Pick

     Leon was born to slave parents. When he was born, it was obvious to everyone that he was the slave owner's son. He wasn't caramel colored like the other children that the slave owner had spawned with other slave women. He was white.

     Leon learned a lesson that many people sadly do not. He had been treated just as badly by black as by white. He had known white who were just as nice as some black. White or black, mean or nice, skin color didn't make a difference to a person's disposition. It was their beliefs that made them who they were, not skin color.

     There were several editing errors that detracted from the story but an interesting read none the less. Even today, in an age where we act civilized and pretend like racism is a thing of the past, there are still prejudices. Blacks hate whites. Whites hate blacks. Blacks hate yellows, whites hate reds, greens hate purples, it is neverending and it is sad to see all the hate in the world based on race. I just can't understand why some people can't look past the color and see the principles, morals, and knowledge of their fellow humans.

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