Friday, June 1, 2012

Review of My Boyfriend's Back

My Boyfriend's Back
by Chrissy Olinger
May pick of the month

     A very fun and light-hearted read. At their twentieth high school reunion, Jack and Rori both have the same agenda - to find the courage they had lacked in high school to admit their feelings to the other.

     Jack had been the nerd and constantly picked on by the school bully. Rori had been an overly curvy cheerleader who had been teased for being fat. 20 years did them both justice. Jack flourished in the technology field. He owned several Fortune 500 companies. Modern fashions now favored the more voluptuous bodies like Rori's.

     Throw in the previous school bully who is still a jerk, but wants a favor from Jack. Add a guardian angel who makes some serious errors in his overwillingness to please. The result is a comic, if sappy, romantic story. Short and quick to read, this book makes for a nice break from more serious plots.

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