Sunday, June 10, 2012

Love Story by Erich Segal - Review

Love Story
by Erich Segal

     Boy meets girl. Girl insults boy. Boy becomes intrigued. It is a simple formula, but not such a simple story. It is a love story with a love so deep that you only find it in romance novels and hollywood movies. Well, okay, this story is both actually.

     Oliver loves Jennifer to the extent that he is willing to sacrifice his family and the family's money. Giving up the family wasn't a huge sacrifice as he never got along with his dad, he was pretty used to the money, especially considering he had been accepted into Havard Law School.

     Jenny loved Oliver so much that she sacrificed her dream of studying music in Paris. After they were married, she took a job teaching to help Oliver through law school. They struggled financially but their love flourished.

     This is a sad story that shows that while love may conquer most things, it cannot conquer all things. A very short story that only takes a few hours to read and is worth every minute you invest in it. This book was made into a movie back in the 70's starring Ryan O'Neal and Ally MacGraw.

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