Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Mystery of Edwin Drood - Review

The Mystery of Edwin Drood
by Charles Dickens

     I thought it appropriate to read this as the last feature review as it was the very last book written by Charles Dickens. I often harp against cliff hangers and feeling cheated out of a real ending. While this isn't exactly a cliff hanger ending, I will warn that Dickens died before he finished writing the book and the mystery is never solved. I think that fact would make this story a great read for book groups as there are many facets of the plot to be debated for or against the two principal suspects.

     This is not an easy read. As a lot of Dickens' novels, he invokes his literary license to metaphorically describe things which could be confusing if the text does not have the reader's full attention.

     This book also reminds me of the Twilight series because there are several guys head over heels in love with a dingbat with no personality. But this seems to be a fairly realistic portrayal of men who are more interested in a woman's looks rather than her conversational ability.

     While this book would obviously be better if it had been finished, it still has great merit. The characters are very interesting, and is entertaining to play amateur slueth to try to guess where exactly Dickens was going with some of the subplots and foreshadowing. The Mystery of Edwin Drood is definitely thought provoking.

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