Monday, June 4, 2012

Monthly Picks for June

     For those unfamiliar with my monthly picks let me give a quick explanation. At the beginning of every month, I troll through the list of free books on Amazon. I try to avoid books within a series as I get tired of cliffhanger endings, even if I don't actually pay for a book I have invested my time in reading it and I want a REAL ending. I don't have the time or the money to get sucked into a series. I don't just select the top 4 listed in the free section, which would be a LOT less work. I have started attempting to explore other genres instead of always picking one science fiction, one romance, one mystery, one non-fiction. However, some books may fit into several categories, such as the action adventure book I selected this month also fits into the science fiction genre. Basically I just want to remind avid readers that amazon has a plethora of choices of free books. These are the ones that I have selected to read this month, but there are many to choose from. Check out the Amazon free books for yourself.

action adventure/
science fiction
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