Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Birthright - Featured Review

Book cover art of Birthright by Nora Roberts Birthright
by Nora Roberts
Genres: Romance, Suspense,
   Romantic Suspense

     Callie Dunbrook is an archaeologist. She is passionate about her work and loves digging up the past, literally. While on her latest dig site, she is forced to deal with her own past. The anthropologist assigned for this job is her hot super hunky ex-husband Jake. Callie prefers to hold onto her anger towards him rather than admit that she still goes weak at the knees with the mere sight of him. As if this wasn't enough stress in her life, a strange woman shows up at Callie's motel room claiming to be her mother. Callie finds out that not only had her parents never told her that she was adopted, she was in fact the baby that had been kidnapped from this small town as an infant. As Callie digs into her past she turns up a black market kidnapping/adoption ring that someone wants left buried and is willing to kill in order to deter Callie from uncovering more information.

     Not the typical fluffy romance, this story has some teeth to it as Nora Roberts lets her mystery writing alter ego, J.D. Robb, add some intrigue to the story. Several different couples still manage to find romance even with all the murder, mayhem, and bodies piling up. Personally I prefer the combination of the genres, though sometimes a nice feel good romance is welcome too.

     A great story that is well worth the read and would be highly appreciated by any reader that prefers a little grit to their romance.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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