Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reunion - Featured Review

book cover art for Reunion by Nora Roberts Reunion
by Nora Roberts
Genre: Romance

     Roberts gives us two stories within this book. Both plots follow the theme of a couple who had broken up, never got over each other, and meet years later to find the chemistry is still strong. However with most break-ups, someone had gotten hurt, sometimes there is pain on both sides of a break up, and the couples have some issues to deal with before they can be blissfully happy together.

     A basic romance, hardly the best book I've read by Nora Roberts, but also not the worst book that I've ever read in my life. While the characters are charming and the obstacles they must over come aren't the usual annoying issues typical in romances, I'm afraid that this book doesn't rise above the status of mediocre. At least not in my opinion.

I give it 2 star review graphic 2 stars.

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