Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Divine Evil - Featured Review

Book cover art of Divine Evil by Nora Roberts Divine Evil
by Nora Roberts
Genre: Romance, Suspense,
   Romantic Suspense

     It is quite ironic really. I picked Roberts for the featured author this month because it seemed fitting to review romance novels during the month which contains Valentine's Day. This was the first book that I randomly selected from my bookshelf in preparation for this month's reviews and it is not the typical romance novel.

     Clare Kimball has fled from the little "bo-hunk" town that she grew up in, become a successful sculptor in New York City, yet decides to move back into her childhood home for a sabbatical. Her brother's best friend had been a trouble maker while they were growing up and Clare is surprised to find that Cameron is now the town's sheriff. This isn't half as shocking to her as her reaction to seeing him again as he has aged well, like a fine wine. But evil resides in their small town, it has for generations, but as it grows more powerful it has become more convinced of it's invincibility and come out of the shadows, getting bolder and more noticeable in town.

     Join Cam and Clare as they try to puzzle out the evil behind the sudden murder spree in their town while exploring their growing feelings and passion for each other.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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