Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Marrying Man - Saturday Short Review

The Marrying Man
by Barbara Bretton
Genre: Romance

     Cat's world of 6 kids, a menagerie of assorted pets, and a career as a best selling writer is the epitome of chaos, even with a live in housekeeper. She admits that she has the organizational skills of a fruit fly. Yet when her manager sets up a meeting with a time management expert, Cat fights the idea tooth and nail. The only things that help the clock watcher's cause is the fact that he's gorgeous, it's Thanksgiving, and Cat cannot help but adopt strays who would otherwise spend holidays alone.

     The characters are pretty well developed for a short story. Readers are given a peek into the past of both main characters to give us a hint of what is at work in their lives to create the current situation that they find themselves in. The story is fun and light-hearted without all the usual annoying pitfalls that romances have a tendency to fall into.

     I probably would have given this a higher rating if not for a serious continuity error and a few editing mistakes. All in all, this is a quick and fun read for when you find yourself with only a couple of hours to devote to a book on the weekend.

I give it 3 star review graphic 3 stars.

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