Friday, February 15, 2013

Slow Hands - Fun Read Friday Review

book cover art for Slow Hands by Leslie Kelly Slow Hands
by Leslie Kelly
#1 in The Wrong Bed series
Genre: Romance

     Socialite Maddy Turner spends a large amount of money to buy a gigolo during a bachelor auction that was organized as a charity benefit. She didn't bid on him for herself but so that her step-mother could not have him. But what Maddy hadn't expected was the strong chemistry or the fact that due to a printing error in the program, her prize was not the European gigolo she expected but an all American, down to earth, paramedic.

     This is not the type of book that I like to review on my blog. While I don't review a lot of children's books I do like to keep my posts within the family friendly category. While I used to enjoy steamy romances, I guess that I've become more of a prude in my old age. Maybe it is all the Victorian era romances that I read ... or maybe that is why I enjoy the older books now. On the rare occasion that I find I have mistakenly downloaded a book that closely borders on erotica, I generally don't review it. However, it may also serve as a warning to those readers like me, who aren't comfortable with the racier novels to take heed while downloading books. As much as I love Amazon, I really wish that they were a bit better about stating each book's genre(s) to avoid such surprises.

     As far as plot goes, I really enjoyed the storyline. She thinks he is a hooker, he decides to play along ... not for the money so much as the opportunity to be with her and hope she may end up returning his feelings for her. The sexual scenes are graphic without being raunchy and crude or just a bunch of dirty talk. A good book for those who enjoy steamy romances or the Harlequin Blaze books in general, but I definitely would not recommend to those readers under 21.

I give it 3 star review graphic 3 stars.

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