Monday, February 25, 2013

Shot in the Dark - Pick of the Month Review

Shot in the Dark
by Jennifer Conner
Genre: Romance, Suspense,
   Romantic Suspense

     Devan Burke was the kind of man every woman hates. A player of the worst kind, never open to any attachments or even bothering to stay the night after romantic interludes. When the police detective is injured in the line of duty, his mood darkens even more turning to whiskey and pain killers after a cold-hearted woman shows distaste at his marred flesh from the gun shot wound in his leg. Every night on his way home from the squad room, where he is on desk duty until he can lose the cane that aids him to walk, he stops at the Naughty Latte where he orders a coffee, ogles the bikini clad barista, and over time learns that she is more than a warm body and can actually hold intelligent conversations.

     When the coffee shop is broken into within minutes of Devan's leaving it, he feels guilty that he should have been there, or that he should have seen the thief watching the building. He takes Luci, the coffee server, under his wing and into protective custody. Sparks fly between the two when they are unexpectedly thrown together and months of harmless flirting begins to grow into something much more substantial.

     This is a wonderful story that provides hope that even the most rigid man could find love if he just opens his heart to the possibility. Conner gives us a great mix of suspense and romance, neither subplot overshadowing the other. Suspense is thick as the robber uses the information in Luci's stolen purse to track her down and the romantic pull between the two characters is completely believable. Both characters have dark memories in their past that they manage to share and battle together, becoming closer rather than letting it pull them apart. A great story that I wouldn't mind reading again.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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