Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Colorado Kid by Stephen King - Review

book cover art of The Colorado Kid by Stephen KingThe Colorado Kid
by Stephen King
Genre:Mystery, Suspense

     This book seemed awfully familiar. I just bought the book a few months ago at a Salvation Army so know I hadn't read this actual book before. It's kinda short though so I'm wondering if maybe it was included in one of his anthologies that I have read.

     Stephanie, a college grad student from Ohio, is fulfilling a journalism internship at the tiny newspaper named The Weekly Islander which reports the not so many adventures on the sleepy island of Moose-Lookit Island, just off the coast of Maine. Two old timers are filling Steffi in about an old story, that has more questions than answers.

     Stephen King contributes his efforts towards the mystery genre with this book. Although not a classic whodunnit, the old timers spin a tale of mystery and intrigue about a John Doe found dead on the beach with no apparent signs of foul play. The real mystery is who was he, and why was he there?

     This is definitely a good book for non-King fans, who don't enjoy horror, to cut their teeth on and get a taste of Stephen's writing without all the nerve-wracking scary parts and/or gore.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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