Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kindle vs. Real Books

     I have seen many arguments regarding the Kindle. Avid readers who proclaim that there is NO replacing real books and they would never use an e-reader of any sort. There really is no feeling like holding a book in your hands. The weight and smell of the paper is reassuring, and the Kindle cannot stand up in comparison.

     A good friend of mine gave me a Kindle for my birthday last year. I admit I must have just seemed ungrateful because I really had no desire for one. I never thought that I could ever enjoy reading on it, and did not see the point. But you know what? I love my Kindle. It is a LOT better for reading in bed. It only requires one hand to turn the page so I can lie on my side, relax with one arm under my head, or laze in just about any position, I don't have to lie on my back with the book propped on my chest and both hands holding it open. Also, when I start to doze off, the Kindle doesn't hurt half as much when it comes crashing down on my nose. I also don't need to worry about losing my place if I fall asleep while reading. I cannot recall how many times I have woke up in the morning to find my book closed on the floor and my bookmark next to me in my bed ... if I can find my book mark.

     Granted, the Kindle doesn't look nearly as impressive on my book shelf as my collection of hardcover books. But I can take it anywhere anytime. Have you ever finished a book while you were sitting in the waiting room at your doctor's office and found yourself bored to tears while you continue to wait. This never happens with a Kindle, I can just start the next book with no problem. Although, I can recall one trip to the mechanic's where I was reading Gone With the Wind while waiting and another customer struck up a conversation about my book. This won't happen with the Kindle as it isn't obvious just what you might be reading on it. But on the other hand, if you enjoy lurid romance novels but prefer others to not know about this reading preference, your secret is safe with Kindle.

     I agree that there is no replacing a real book. I also state that there are times a Kindle can be incredibly handy. I think each have their own merits and from my experience, they play very well together.

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