Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lost Tribe of The Sith by John Jackson Miller - Book Review

book cover art for The Lost Tribe of the Sith by John Jackson MillerLost Tribe of the Sith
by John Jackson Miller
Genres: Science Fiction, Action Adventure

     These books are really too short to review each separately, so I'm just going to review the rest of the series in one post. I have to reiterate that I found it hard to sympathize with the Sith. This series is definitely for the hardcore fan that wishes to be educated in all aspects of the "history" within the Star Wars saga.

     The lost tribe crashes on an oceanic planet, they know not where. Their ship is beyond repair in this strange world with no indigenous metals. They decide to make the best of their plight and do what Sith do best ... take over.

     The series covers a few millenia and many generations. Eventually the Sith become bored with nothing new to conquer. Something needs to be done before they extinguish their race as they begin fighting amungst themselves. A new plan comes from an unexpected source.

     A decent plot, well conceived within the Star Wars storyline. I think maybe I would have preferred to have heard more about some of the characters before the story jumps to pick up with a new generation somewhere down the ancestors' line.

     I might actually recommend buying the collection version. I'm not sure if that version has more to it, but somehow (probably in my rush to continue the story) I managed to read book #8 before #7. That was a disappointing error to say the least. Good series, not real long to read, finished the last 7 books in one night. And there are excerpts in each book to suck you into the black hole of obsession if you are like me. I cannot read an excerpt without eventually buying the book to finish the story.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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