Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Introducing ... Author of the Month - Stephen King

     I've been thinking that maybe I should mix things up a bit and throw in more than reviews every now and then. I was kind of thinking of adding an author biography each week. As I thought about this idea, I began asking myself some important questions. Does anyone really want to read a biography every week? Do I really want to research one every week? So instead, I decided to feature one author every month to write a bit about and then review one of their books every week. Of course this means starting with someone that I already have a lot of their books. Since I just happened to have finished reading a Stephen King book, I'm going to start with him.

picture of author Stephen King

Stephen King

September 21, 1947
Main genres:
Horror, fantasy, science fiction

     Author of over 50 published books, including 7 that were published under the pen name of Richard Bachman, that range in genres from horror to nonfiction. Though he is mostly known for his horror novels, don't just write him off as a horror novelist. Several dramatic movies were adapted from his short stories, such as The Shawshank Redemption and Stand by Me. His ever growing Dark Tower series has a science fictiony western feel to them.

     You might not ever think of Stephen King as a motivational writer, but I cannot tell you how many times that I have drawn inspiration from him. Usually by the time that I am heading home from work, my decision to gain some exercise by walking to and from work seems like a very stupid idea. I find myself quoting from The Long Walk, "Pick them up, put them down" and smiling to myself as I realize what I am doing. I always manage to make it home eventually.

     His wife, Tabitha King, is also an accomplished novelist and has published 9 books. Stephen is an avid baseball fan, particularly rooting for The Boston Red Sox. He is very involved in assorted charities.

     While I can't specifically recall my introduction to Stephen King, I think it was either The Cat's Eye or Creepshow as both were constantly showing on HBO back when cable first appeared in our home. I remember that it took me a couple of attempts before I could sit all the way through Creepshow, it was the cockroaches that usually made me run from the room with my skin just crawling. The first King book that I ever read was Tommyknockers.

     This month I am planning to read and review the following titles which are all books currently in my to-read list at goodreads:

book cover art of UR by Stephen King
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book cover art of Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King
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book cover art of The Colorado Kid by Stephen King
The Colorado Kid
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For more about Stephen King you can visit his website