Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ur by Stephen King - Featured Author Book Review

book cover art of UR by Stephen King UR
by Stephen King
Genres: Fantasy, Horror,

     This was the very first book that I paid for on my Kindle. I hate to admit it took me this long to read it. Although, at the time, I was working my way through Stephan King's many tomes. I was reading them chronologically. I had intended to read this, when its time came. Unfortunately, I got stuck after Insomnia. I don't own the next book, Rose Madder. It was one of many that was destroyed when my mom's basement flooded while I was relocating to another state and had stored what I couldn't immediately take with me. My local library doesn't have it. I have requested it several times, but have never received it. I swear the librarian hates me, but that is a different story.

     I'm not sure what UR stands for. Wes Smith relates it to the city of Ur. It seems to be a gateway between alternate realities. But let me start at the beginning. Wes is a bibliophile. I had to laugh because while defending books vs. Kindle to his Literature class, he mentions that books have a smell. I had mentioned that fact in my recent post "Kindle vs. Real Books". But it is true, while I can't describe the scent as anything other than "comforting". For reasons that I won't go into, you'll just have to read for yourself, Wes buys a Kindle. I guess at the time, they only came in white and Wes's is bright pink. It has many more experimental features tham mine does, I must say.

     At first look, this extraordinary Kindle seems relatively harmless. Though you can search over 10 million different URs and find unknown books published by world renowned authors depending on different realities within that UR. But the master of horror cannot give us a completely harmless new toy to play with.

     Without disappointment, King spins a yarn of incredible improbability while making his readers believe that it could definitely happen, atleast in King's UR. A few parts made me think of different stories, which I'm not sure was entirely on purpose. References to The Tower were too obvious to be ignored. There was also a scene that reminded me of Library Policeman and a little bit of The Dead Zone.

     Stephen King's mind is just unfathomable and his talent of bringing the reader into his world is matched by very few others. I want a pink Kindle so I can read ALL of his works and to see what Dickens, H.G.Wells, and so many other authors are up to in other realities.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

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