Sunday, October 28, 2012

Black Dawn - Serial Sunday Review

Black Dawn
Book 8 in Nightworld series
by LJ Smith
Genres: Paranormal, Romance,
      Young Adult

     Maggie is a human who stands up to the wrong person and finds herself a captive with Night World slave traders. We explore deeper into the Redfern family tree and discover a lost branch which brings about a new heir to this ruling dynasty of vampires. This new prince is also the second Wild Power to be revealed to us. He realized his power as a young child and has had time to cultivate and hone this deadly force and use it very accurately.

     Once again the soulmate principal comes into play to make a previously cold and heartless vampire rethink his attitude towards human. I have to wonder about the whole soulmate principal though. When theorizing in a previous book, Soulmate, as to why vampires are not reincarnated after they have been staked, the hypothesis is made that with no soul there is no soul to move on to another life. This makes me wonder how vampires can have soulmates if they have no souls.

     Either way, I find it quite humorous that of all the magic in the Night World it seems that the ancient power of the soulmate principal can bring down abig bad vampire the quickest and it seems to be the power that they fear the most. Maybe the best way to keep vampires in line is to host a weekly mixer and see how many soulmates they can pair up.

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