Sunday, October 21, 2012

Soulmate - Serial Sunday Review

Book 6 in series
by L.J. Smith
Genres: Paranormal, Romance,
  Young Adult

     "... her flying companion - her playmate. The one who was sacred to her, who was the other half of the mysteries of her life for her. The one who would always be there for her, helping her, watching her back, picking her up when she fell down, listening to her stories - no matter how many times she told them. Loving her even when she was stupid. Understanding her even without words. Being inside the innermost circle of her mind. Her soulmate."

     It is a love that knows no bounds. A love that stands the test of time, through thousands of years. A love that endures beyond "til death do us part" and extends through re-incarnation into the next life. To know such love is unfathomable. To find such a love is ecstatic. To exist a multitude of lifetimes finding such a love but never living to revel in it is a tragedy. Hannah Snow is the tragic pawn in the middle of a battle of wills between two vampires, one wants to protect Hannah, the other only wants to destrpy her. Hannah finds it impossible to distinguish which to trust.

     While again it isn't necessary to have read any of the previous books to enjoy this story, it definitely would add to the plot if you had. There is a scene, a small reunion of characters from previous books. While the scene gives a brief explanation and introduction of the characters it was nice to revisit these "old friends", almost like attending a high school reunion and catching up on the latest news in their lives.

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