Friday, October 5, 2012

Bram Stoker's Dracula - Review

by Bram Stoker
Genres: classics, horror

     The ancestor of all modern day vampire stories and beliefs. Stoker would be amazed if he could see how the idea of vampires has infilitrated our culture.

     The story unfolds through an assortment of letters, journal entries, and telegrams from the interested parties. Newspaper clippings also help to enlighten the reader as to certain circumstances. The story begins with the journal of Johnathon Harker. He visits Transylvania to conduct business with Count Dracula. The count insists that Harker remains his guest for at least a month. There seems to be no other business to tend to and I was a bit confused as to how this delay was justified. I know my boss would go ballistic if I decided to extend a business trip for so long for no apparent reason.

     It isn't long into Harker's story that he realizes that he is more a prisoner than a guest. This led to more confusion on my part. I'm lost as to Dracula's motivation to keep Harker captive for close to two months. He does not seem to feed on him, so why is Harker there? We also never learn how Harker escapes. He just appears in a hospital later in the story. Yes, I know, it is fiction, just roll with it - but big gaping holes in the plot mystifies me. Even so, as several characters assemble to chase the Count through the streets of London, this story does not disappoint in both entertainment and creepiness.

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