Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Huntress - Featured Author Review

Book 7 in Nightworld series
by LJ Smith
Genres: Paranormal, Romance,
      Young Adult

     A huntress, originally feared as a lethal vampire that hunted humans for fun suddenly learns that she is half human. She does a complete turn around and joins the Daybreakers - an underground circle of Night World creatures and humans alike who are trying to bridge the gap between all the races.

     I can feel a climax beginning to build with this book. All of the stories so far have been interlaced but not so tightly woven together that they don't make any sense on their own. While this book did not end with a cliff hanger, thank goodness, it did introduce a new underlying plot of prophecies of the coming apocolypse and the search for four "Wild Powers" that obviously wasn't concluded at the end of the book. I'm not so confident that Black Dawn,the next book in the series, will be comnpletely stand alone and easy to understand without having to read this book first. I cannot say for sure as I have not read it yet.

     It may be a moot point though as this is becoming like Lays potato chips, you can't consume just one. This series is so entertaining, compelling, and just downright addicting, I don't know that anyone could read just one without wanting to read them all.

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