Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Featured Review - The Chosen

The Chosen
Book 5 in series
by L.J. Smith
Genres: Paranormal, Romance,
  Young Adult

     At he age of 5, Rashel witnessed a vampire savage her friend and then snap her mother's neck with a simple, but deadly, backhand. By the age of 18 she became Cat - the vampire slayer that brought fear to all of the creatures in the Night World.

     Quinn had entered the Night World innocently enough but over the centuries he had become a ruthless killer, reknowned within the Night World. When Rashel and Quinn meet it should be the ultimate battle to the death by two well trained and lethal combatants. Instead that dang soulmate principal goes and screws everything up.

     I was pretty well into the book before I even realized that we had briefly met Quinn in the Daughters of Darkness installment of this series by this month's featured author LJ Smith. This is the first book of this series to show vampires as the ruthless killing machines they are capable of being, instead of sympathetic characters who just want to get along in life with all the beings within both worlds. It was quite refreshing and a good deal more realistic in my opinion.

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