Friday, October 26, 2012

Valley of Death, Zombie Trailer Park - Review

Valley of Death, Zombie Trailer Park
by William Bebb
Genre: Horror

     You can't have halloween without a good zombie story. Whether this book qualifies depends on your definition of good. From a literary stand point, probably not. Generally when an author has a disclaimer apologizing for editing flaws instead of fixing such errors, I don't cut them much slack. However, the introduction to this book showed that the writer possessed an excellent sense of humor so I figured what the heck. The punctuation errors that he warned about were easy enough to ignore, but whole words were missing from sentences.

     But if you define a good zombie story based on plot, well zombie plots aren't too complicated. Flesh eating, brain craving undead creatures, and survivors trying to stay that way. Provided the survivors don't do anything too annoying or stupid and at least one does get away, seems to makes for a successful zombie story.

     When ten year old Billy decided to be a hero, I came to the conclusion that sitting in the dark reading a zombie book with only one small reading lamp lit and a neighboring dog who loves to randomly howl from time to time might not have been one of my brightest ideas. I'll admit it, under the circumstances I got creeped out. And no matter how you try to define it, THAT is what makes for a good zombie book!

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  1. I have finished a newly revised version back in October and hopefully found and corrected many of those pesky grammar, typos, and missing words issues. Thanks.
    Bill Bebb