Friday, October 19, 2012

Tales From the Woods - Review

Tales from the Woods
by Lowell Ellington & Kevin Duffield
Genre: Horror

     This pick of the month contains several short stories that were inspired by an actual haunted forest attraction. Both authors had worked as actors and/or creators of the different skits and situations employed by the attraction over the five years that it had been open.

     The collective stories cover just about all of the necessary creatures of halloween: zombies, ghosts, unnatural creatures, and the chainsaw wielding maniac. Other than the many editing flaws, this book was very enjoyable and really sets the scene for Halloween.

     Whatever you do, don't bypass the notes section. It is always interesting to learn what the author was thinking or the inspiration behind a story. This section also describes the actual scenario from the original haunted forest attraction and made me wish that it was still open today as it sounds like an interesting place worth visiting.

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