Friday, October 12, 2012

Review of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

by Mary Shelley
Genres: Classic, Horror

     Frankenstein is just TOO good of an example of classic stories for Halloween for me to pass up, even if I have already reviewed it. Here is an excerpt of my original review and a link to it.

     Contrary to popular belief, Frankenstein was NOT a monster. The being that DR. Frankenstein created was never given a name. It can also be argued as to whether or not the being WAS a monster. Also contrary to popular belief Frankenstein is not a monster story. It is a story about prejudice and the emotions and behavior of mankind.

     During the times of the black plague, Dr. Frankenstein was surrounded by death. He discovered a way to create life, but it wasn't easy. He became obsessed with the idea, rarely stopping with his research and experiments to eat or sleep. He was so inamorate with the question of if he COULD create a living being that he didn't question if he SHOULD.

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