Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Black Witch by Michael Rivers - Pick of the Month Book Review

book cover art of The Black Witch by Michael RiversThe Black Witch
by Michael Rivers
Genres: Horror, Thriller,

     The Black Witch is a ship with the history like no other. It bewitches those who come into contact with it to aspire to greed to possess it, or at the very least, long to sail her. Once aboard, and set to sail, it is a journey few will survive.

     The plot grabs your attention from the beginning full of intrigue, mystery, and suspense. The reader is bewitched just as successfully as the sailors and passengers as The Black Witch holds one in its charms on a quest to find where the journey will lead, and end.


     Although a great story, there is something that bugs me about it. Facts are revealed to the reader, and characters, that are never fully developed. William's youngest brother had a heartache which was said to have allowed the evil spirit to take hold, yet the boat's history shows that the ship itself has been cursed. Maybe it is the fact that some poor soul is present on every journey meeting the spirits' requirements. I'm not sure as it is never revealed as to what this heart break was. If I was William, I would have had a conversation with my brother to find out exactly what this was, and find it hard to believe that he did not.

     It was also told that William's father was the only one to have successfully battled this demon previously. Again, I was incredulous that the brothers didn't wrack their memories of stories their father had told of his travels at sea to attempt to find a solution to their predicament.

     There is also a benign spirit on board the boat, which is briefly mentioned and just as quickly forgotten, never to be heard from again. ************************************************************************** I can't help but think that everything an author mentions in a story is there for a reason. When the purpose never comes to light, it makes me think it was an avenue that the writer decided, for whatever reason, to not pursue. If this is the case, I personally think the existence of this foreshadowing should be removed, unless it is meant to be a red herring.

     The ending was oddly anticlimactic in my opinion. Irregardless of these things I have noted, it is a very well written story which I highly recommend.

I give it 5 star review graphic 5 stars!

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