Thursday, April 26, 2012

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly - Book Review

book cover art of Frankenstein by Mary ShelleyFrankenstein
by Mary Shelley
Genres: Classic, Thriller,
   Science Fiction

     Contrary to popular belief, Frankenstein was NOT a monster. The being that DR. Frankenstein created was never given a name. It can also be argued as to whether or not the being WAS a monster. Also contrary to popular belief Frankenstein is not a monster story. It is a story about prejudice and the emotions and behavior of mankind.

     During the times of the black plague, Dr. Frankenstein was surrounded by death. He discovered a way to create life, but it wasn't easy. He became obsessed with the idea, rarely stopping with his research and experiments to eat or sleep. He was so inamorate with the question of if he COULD create a living being that he didn't question if he SHOULD.

     Finally, after much work and hardship, Dr. Frankenstein prevailed and his creation became a living breathing being. The being was not pretty. Dr. Frankenstein was appalled with what he had created.  He was filled with remorse, regret, and fear. The doctor fled from his laboratory and the creature was gone when he returned.

     The being was a gentle creature despite his appearance. He longed for learning, and interaction. He sought out companionship only to be either ran from or attacked because of his frightful looks. He did turn murderous and had no compassion for humans who had shown him none.

     I feel sorry for the creature. How many of us as children have uttered to our parents "I didn't ask to be born"? Frankenstein's creature did not ask to be created. He never had the love or nurturing of a parent to guide him through what must have been a very confusing beginning. I feel that DR. Frankenstein is the true monster in this story, not the being that he created.

     Amazingly, Mary Shelley was only nineteen when she wrote this story. While the original plot has been horribly distorted by Hollywood, Frankenstein's creature is one of the most recognized characters in popular culture. I find it incredible that this remarkable story was created by such a young girl.

     Get it. Read it. Nuff said.

I give it 4 star review graphic 4 stars!

     As with most classics, this novel is within the public domain and available for download as a free ebook on both Amazon and Goodreads.

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