Friday, April 20, 2012

Monarch - Pick of the Month Book review

book cover art of Monarch by Michell Davidson ArgyleMonarch
by Michelle Davidson Argyle
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Romance

     I'm probably not going to be very unbiased with this review. How could I be when one of the main characters are L. Love, just like me? Although her first name was Lilian and not Laura, I still found it amusing. Yeah ok, it doesn't take much to amuse me.

     All kidding aside, I actually didn't care much for Lilian. She was very one dimensional, her main function seemed to be to worry about Nick and provide a safe haven for his daughters. But I am getting ahead of myself. Nick was an undercover CIA agent, ready to retire. His last mission went horribly wrong and now he is chased by assassins sent by FBI? CIA? The drug lord he was trying to bring down? All of the above? Nick isn't sure so he flees to a mountain hotel retreat run by Lilian. They had met by chance three years earlier, before Nick had left on his last mission. With no contact for so long or any real relationship previously, Lilian would really help Nick by taking in his two grown daughters and then worry and pine for him while he is gone? Well it HAD been true love at first sight. *rolls eyes* Yeah, whatever.

     Other than Lilian's lack of character, it is a very interesting story. The plot is action packed, riddled with intrigue, and has a bit of yucky love stuff thrown in too. This was a quick and easy read that I had picked as a freebie to download from amazon this month and made for some fairly light reading.

I give it 3 star review graphic 3 stars.

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